Portable Toilet Basic

EDP Code: 10107-00001
Article: PBTL0BO



A "Portable Toilet" is typically used as a temporary toilet ideally for big and small events like -- sporting events, open air concerts, street festivals, parks, construction sites, etc. It has several significant benefits mostly in saving resources and reduced consumption of energy.


Addition Standard Accessories :
  1. Wall urinal
  2. 3-roll toilet paper holder
  3. Tank with toilet seat
  4. Coat/tool-belt hook

We Recommend

Balsamic Bio Green

EDP Code: 10107-00001
Article: PBTL0BO


Balsamic Bio Green is recommended in case of short-term services (i.e. during concerts or tempo- rary events); it has to be diluted with water according to the recommended dosage. It is to be used both in the toilet waste holding tank, fresh water flush tank and in vacuum modules chemical tank. It disaggregates any kind of organic waste; it eliminates the bad odors, adding a pleasant scent of pinewood, and keeps perfectly efficient the drains of portable restrooms.


EDP Code: 10107-00001
Article: PBTL0BO


Bio Activator is a super-concentered enzymatic tablet that has to be put in the toilet holding tank along with every water refill. It is more specific for once a week or once every two weeks services because it can last up to 15 days. By dissolving in the water, the tablet disaggregates the aerobic and anaerobic waste and it eliminates the bad odors.
To enhance the fragrance, it can be mixed together with the ARMAL Balsamic Bio Green.